Tipiak description

TIPIAK offers to Food Service a complete range of culinary solutions, organic products, cereal accompaniments and croûtons destined for:

  • Restaurants ( restaurant chains, independent)
  • Catering (conventional, cruise line, air line)
  • Cash and Carry
  • Hospitality (school, university...)

Formats adapted to different needs : 25 kg, 5 kg, 1 kg.
Tipiak proposes products to savour from starter to dessert!

Tipiak recipes for Food Service: 

Natural, Authentic, Exotic.

TIPIAK Grocery Division is the leader in the market for mixed cereals. Cereals, essential for a balanced diet, and which answer consumers expectations for pleasure and discovery.

Offer the best product :

Be practical: preparation is simple and quick!
Culinary expertise: creativity at your service!