Tipiak description

How to contact us ?

  • You can contact us using the contact page of this site, or write to us at
    Tipiak CP 1011 - 44806 Saint Herblain Cedex
    Tel : 00 33 228 03 09 30 Fax : 00 33 228 03 99 60

Does the Tipiak Group export its products ?

  • Yes. This is a rapidly growing market. For further information, please look at our « English website page »

Where can I find your products ?

  • The Tipiak Group is present in 80% of GMS networks in France. It is also present in specialist shops, home service and foodservice.

Where are your production sites ?

  • The Tipiak Group is based on seven production sites in the West of France. You can find the sites on our Group page

What is the origin of the name Tipiak ?

  • In one of the principal languages of the Amazon Basin “Tupi-Guarani”, the word  “tipiak” is closely associated with “tapioca”. A long time ago, the Amazonian Indians discovered manioc and it became the basis of their diet. (For more details: see our History page and the “history of tapioca”)