Tipiak description

Frozen Ready Meals

Our activity is dedicated to the creation of culinary products whose traditional, regional or exotic recipes, are proposed in packaging adapted to the type of catering. 

Our gourmet collection composes the following products:

  • Seafood starters

Shell fish and fish, scallops, mini scallops, casseroles, refills for casseroles, crab gratins.

  • Traditional ready meals

Meats cooked in sauce, coq au vin, beef tongue with Madeira sauce.

  • Exotic ready meals

Couscous, Paëlla.

  • Gratins

Cod brandade, polenta gratin.

  • Sweet and savoury crêpes

Mini sweet and savoury crêpes, filled crêpes.

  • Sauces

Individual portions IQF (Individual Quick Frozen), for fish (beurre blanc, lemon butter …),  for meats (Venison sauce, green pepper …) and festive recipes  ( Duck foie gras, Champagne scallops …).


For additional information, please do no hesitate to contact us