Tipiak description

Cereal accompaniments

A unique range of nutritional cereal accompaniments blending creativity and easy use!
Our mixes comply with the framework of recommendations of GEMRCN (Groupe d'Etude des Marchés Restauration Collective et Nutrition), being healthy, they supply carbohydrates and can be eaten regularly. Within a Clean Label program, our products do not contain palm oil or taste enhancers!
Mixes made with soya, oats, rye, barley or traditional spelt diversifying your diet with a maximum of pleasure!

  • Asian Cereals 1kg *
  • Indian Cereals 1kg *
  • Couscous with mixed cereals 1kg *
  • Couscous with mixed vegetables 1kg *
  • White Quinoa 1kg
  • Couscous with spices 4,5kg & 1kg *
  • Preparation for tabouleh Mint-Lemon 1kg*
  • Polenta 1kg & 5kg
  • Bulgar Wheat 5kg
  • Precooked durum wheat 5kg
  • Couscous with wheat and maize 4,5kg organic  & 1kg *
  • Quinoa Gourmand 4,5kg organic & 1kg
  • Organic Bulgar Wheat Gourmand 1kg 

*Can be rehydrated cold or hot.